(Celina Elberse Tourné)
(Maureen Walschot)


Studio CXM is a Graphic Design studio located in Antwerp, BE + Eindhoven, NL. Our collaboration started through a shared love for printed matter. Together we have a playful, inquiring attitude and find it important to look for other ways to visualize stories within printing techniques.

‘Seeing Through the Trouble’ ︎︎︎
The Best Dutch Design Book of 2020
Dutch Designers Yearbook 2020
Dutch Design Week 2020
Academiegalerie, Utrecht 2020


Graduation Catalogue ‘Op de horizon’, 
HKU University of the Arts Utrecht 2020
Edition: 750 | Pages: 272 | Size: 115 x 165 mm

Identity concept for Merlijn Kanters (Freelance dance teacher)

Annual report Library De Kempen 2019
Seven different newspapers
Edition: 1000 

Publication ‘Seeing Through the Trouble’ CXM (Graduation Project) 2020
Edition: 100 | Pages: 112 | Size: 240 x 165 mm
Selected as one of ‘The Best Dutch Book Designs’ of 2020

Exhibition ‘Seeing Through the Trouble’ (Graduation Project) 2020
Academiegalerie, Utrecht

Postcard ‘Seeing Through the Trouble’ (Graduation Project) 2020 

BLIK 13.1, Magazine for audiovisual culture, Utrecht University 2019

T-Shirt CXM 0.2 2019
Edition: 60 | Screen printed | Zeefdrukfabriek, Tilburg

Banner for the Exhibition ‘De tijd vooruit’ Achmea, Zeist 2019